Styles that never fade – part 1

Leather & Stripes


I started this blog because I dream about fashion. I have a full time job in the medical industry and love it. I love being challenged daily. But I also have a real passion for understanding my own style. I believe there are some ‘styles’ that never go out of fashion. And I want to inspire others’ to find their own style based on what makes them feel good.

We took a beautiful walk through a very picturesque part of Byron Bay – Crystal Castle. And although not my style it had some spectacular views; the kind that only nature can provide. The perfect backdrop to represent the start of my series of blogs re ‘styles that never fade.’

stripe top under arch


This Aje leather skirt makes a regular appearance when choosing my outfits. When you find the perfect leather skirt, you can wear it with anything, for any event and in my opinion, in any weather! This Aje leather skirt is crafted to perfection. You’ll see many more of my leather skirts along the way, but this one is special. Tan leather is a little more subtle than black leather, allowing for more casual outfit variations.


The other fashion style that never fades, and stands the test of time is none other than stripes. When you really think about it, you see stripes everywhere! This top also features ruffles which are an ‘on-trend’ feature at the moment, but the underlying style is stripes. I am making an effort to incorporate more stripes into my wardrobe; and I’m loving it! When choosing stripes in a primary colour, such as blue, you can mix all different prints together.

stripe top stairs

I really enjoyed my time getting out into nature. As I live in Australia, this is probably the last time I’ll see some warm weather for a while. I will dream about balmy nights until next summer!

crystal castle flowers

Crystal castle walk up stairs

What I wore:

Top – Slide Show via (purchased in store)

Skirt –

Slides –

Bag –

Sunglasses –


Leather & Soie – K