Baby got back & front – white on white


kitx hand on hip front

Baby got back and front… white on white

kitx behind portrait

I am very passionate about finding your own personal style; what works for you. And I am in agreeance with filling your wardrobe with good quality basics and timeless pieces…but I also enjoy eclectic pieces that make any outfit pop! As soon as I saw this Kitx top I had to have it! It’s got everything; off the shoulder feature, flared sleeves, corset. And for some reason, I have a feeling I will be pulling this top out for years to come despite it being vastly on trend on now.

kitx behing just top

The front of the top is just as spectacular as the back! I said that right! Because I am a sucker for back features. It is not often you get a top that is so picture worthy from both angles.

kitx behing wide shot

Kitx (top) is an Australian label by designer Kit Willow. She uses sustainable materials, whilst maintaining a beautiful luxurious feel. I really appreciate her passion for utilising recycled materials without compromising the quality of the garments. Not to mention, her innate ability to design flattering pieces for the female body.

kitx close eyes

I went with white on white, as it provides a really good silhouette for the top. And surprisingly, an all white outfit can be really flattering. Here I have teamed this with a pair of white jeans, which is a must have basic item that can be worn season to season with any look. I was apprehensive in buying a pair of white jeans at first, but have found ways it works well with my wardrobe. **Tip: wear nude coloured underwear a size bigger than you would usually go under white pants/skirts/dresses. That way you don’t have lines or marks.

The Witchery scarf and espadrilles help to lift the monochrome look.

kitx front

P.s This is not a sponsored post. I style and write about what I believe in. And I like to give credit where credit is due.

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