Can a denim dress be a staple?

What makes a basic item?

Made of a versatile, timeless fabric?

Can be worn year on year?

Is flattering and comfortable?

If I am going by the above criteria, then I’d say ‘yes’! This denim dress has seen me through a couple of years, is super comfortable and is easy to style. The dress is by Viktoria and Woods, an Australian fashion label that epitomises casual wear. They really know how to design flattering basics that can be worn season to season, and year to year.

I have paired this outfit with a pair of striped espadrilles from Witchery; another timeless summer classic. And a Sportsgirl scarf. This dress has worked really well with white sneakers and my hair in a ponytail as well.

denim dress front side

I believe it is important to find a few go-to dresses that you pull out of the closet, throw on some flats, accessories, and you’re good to go. The key is knowing what suits YOU!┬áIf you feel good in a particular dress, you’ll find it will be your default. And that to me, is smart investing. When you feel good, you look good. And amazing things happen when you exude confidence.

denim dress backstripe shoe point toe

Shoes are another one of my loves! In actual fact, it all started with shoes. I love all types; heels, flats, sneakers, slides! But what I have learnt over the years, is no matter how good they may look, if they’re not comfortable, you’re less likely to wear them. This might sound so simple, but often this is ignored! Have a think about it…do you own a pair of shoes that look amazing but are so uncomfortable? How often do you wear them? I’d admit, I’ve endured the pain many a times, but it’s usually short lived. The key is buying quality, knowing your size with different designers, and being true to yourself.

These espadrilles from Witchery are so comfortable despite the fact they are tie up; because often tie up shoes become loose over time and can be very irritating. But I have walked kilometres at a time in these puppies, and they have endured. All whilst looking super cute!

denim dress front

Sportsgirl have some great accessories. I always like to pop into a store and pick out few on-trend pieces to update any outfit. A scarf (shown above) can be worn in so many different ways; not only around your neck, but around your wrist too. I like to be creative with scarves, as they will always be in fashion. A few different patterns a worth having in your wardrobe.






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