How to wear leather shorts with confidence.

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As I start approaching 30 years old, I find myself reflecting more and more about what’s important. And to do that, you need to know who you are, what you like, and what you don’t like. I apply this way of thinking in all areas of life; relationships, work, hobbies, and my own style. At this point in my life, I can honestly say that I know who I am and what I want to portray to the world. I am comfortable in my own skin, and I know what works for me.

I used to never wear shorts. Mainly because I have short muscular legs, and a long torso. This stature was perfect for gymnastics and sport aerobics, but not so easy to style! But as time went on, I discovered brands that did exceptional tailoring, which made such a difference when picking out core items for my wardrobe. I started experimenting with different shapes and styles, and found a few that worked for me. I like a slightly higher waist, with a slight flare in the leg to allow for the short to fall correctly over my legs. I tend to not wear really short, shorts either! Unless of course I am at the beach. Coverage is important when portraying a classic look.


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Leather has been around for a long time in fashion. In my opinion, no other fabric can compare with the unique textures, rich colors, strength, or smell of real leather. It’s in a category all its own. The joy of working with and wearing real leather is all in the longevity of the garments, and accessories that last well beyond the years of any other fabric or fibre.

But due to the nature of the material, it can be quite expensive, so it’s important to understand the different types when buying an item to ensure you are getting the look you desire.

Some items will call for a much more rigid leather to ensure the garment is structured, and other items will use a much softer leather to allow for more movement. The shorts I’m wearing in this post from Viktoria & Woods, are a mixture. The leather is soft to touch and move in, but it’s structured enough to keep it’s shape. This is particularly important when you’ve been sitting for long periods and you can get those pesky crease lines!

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I bought these shorts last year, and have gotten quite a lot of wear out of them already. I wear them both casually and dressed up; be it with a t-shirt and sneakers or a silk blouse and heels.

The colour is a soft tan which adds to its subtlety and class.


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Below are my tips for finding the perfect pair of leather shorts:

  • Look for clothing brands that demonstrate good craftsmanship; because leather shorts aren’t cheap.
  • Understand your size, and how they may differ from brand to brand.
  • Remember that leather can stretch a little bit, but won’t compromise the sizing too much.
  • Look for tailoring that matches your body type. I.e. Narrow waist, wider in the leg, slight flare at the leg to allow for movement. You an always send them to a reputable tailor to be nipped and tucked. Ensure the tailor can work with leather clothing before you go ahead.
  • Choose a colour that can be worn with anything. E.g. black, tan, khaki, navy.
  • I recommend going for a more relaxed, looser short rather than fitted. Leather can look tacky if it’s too tight. Not to mention, it won’t be comfortable at all.



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