Styles that never fade – part 3

Lace and leather sitting


Have you ever seen lace go out of fashion? I am struggling to find a time when it wasn’t in. Lace actually started back in the sixteenth century; handmade by a needle and bobbin. Because of the labour intensive nature of lace, it was very expensive. This is why it was seen on Royal families as features on their ruffled collars. Today lace is made with a machine, thus far more affordable for the common folk.


lace and leather against fencelace and leather fence 5

Fast forward today; lace is used everywhere, for all different styles. I really enjoy adding lace to enhance the textures of my outfits. It’s such an easy way to increase uniqueness!

I have a few white and black lace tops and skirts that have been in my wardrobe for many years. They are so easy to style, and go with all my other classic or on trend pieces. You really know you’re onto something when items survive my yearly cull!

If you make one smart purchase this year; buy a lace top!


lace and leather walk forward

I actually bought this top quite a few years ago, so much so that the brand (Jagged) doesn’t exist anymore. Nevertheless, tops like these can be found all over the world. I teamed this with an Aje leather skirt, white earrings (that I found for $10 at the Plant 4 Bowden Fashion Markets), Tony Bianco shoes, Tom Ford sunglasses and my Bally bag. Casual, effortless and cool.

leather and lace walk forward 3

Love to hear your thoughts on lace and other classic ‘styles that never fade.’

Top: Jagged (by the same group from Australian Fashion Labels)





Earrings: fashion market purchase