Mixing prints for the win.


Print shirt, leather mini skirt - Balmoral, Sydney

Print shirt, leather mini skirt, vest - Balmoral, Sydney

In Australia we are getting to the tail end of winter….and boy do we need some sun! But sometimes a pop of colour or a fun print can be enough to brighten your day, even if the sky won’t stop watering! More prints can be only mean more happiness right!

I like to mix things up sometimes (no pun intended) and try different colours and prints. I understand this can be quite daunting for some, but it needn’t be. Take a few items in your wardrobe and see how you can apply some of these rules to achieve the perfect mixed print look!

Match colours, not prints.

As you can see I have opted for a colourful print shirt, with a black and white scarf and a leopard print bag. So essentially I have utilised colour, black & white and leopard (which is a neutral). And when broken down by colour, it becomes a lot easier for the eye to focus, and thus mixing prints easier.

Print shirt, leather mini skirt - Balmoral, Sydney

The simpler and more graphic the prints, the easier it is to mix.

When you look closely at the print I am wearing in this post, the shapes are actually quite simple in form. When the prints are simpler, the art of colour matching becomes a lot simpler. If you’re a novice opt for bigger, bolder shapes and minimise at your own pace!

Print shirt, leather mini skirt - Balmoral, Sydney

Print shirt, leather mini skirt - Balmoral, Sydney

Use different textures.

I don’t often realise how valuable this tip is until I imagine an outfit I’m wearing with alternate textures. Imagine if I had swapped this leather skirt with a plain cotton skirt? The look wouldn’t be nearly as interesting, don’t you think? The added leather texture works really well with this silk top and scarf. Whilst the fur on the bag and wool vest help to soften the overall look.

Remember, leopard is a neutral.

Now I have always said that leopard print is a neutral. And that is even more evident when you use it in conjunction with other prints/colours. When you break down what a leopard print is; it’s beige and brown. These two colours separately are very basic colours. So whenever you’re in doubt, always think of how you would style beige and brown as seperate entities.

Print shirt, leather mini skirt, leopard bag - Balmoral, Sydney

Break it up with a solid piece.

I have opted for a leather miniskirt, black opaque stockings and black ankle boots to balance out the mix of prints up top. This is a great option when you are new to mixing or don’t want to wear anything too outrageous. Black is an easy way to divert the eye and break up the prints, ultimately softening the look.

Tie it in with accessories or a bold lip.

I love adding accessories to any outfit…particularly when they’re statement earrings! This outfit worked really well with these gold earrings as it matches the geometric prints on the shirt. I opted for gold as it matches the gold accents on my skirt and hardware on my bag. I don’t have rules for matching gold and silver accessories, but in some instances it helps to wear all of the same hardware to give off a more polished look.

As for red lips…I’m a big fan! Be it as a bold statement look, or to help compliment an outfit like this one. A bold red lip is a personal preference. But I will say that you shouldn’t rule out makeup when adding extra elements. Sometimes the right eyeshadow, liner or lip colour make an outfit.

Print shirt, leather mini skirt, leopard bag - Balmoral, Sydney

Don’t get too matchy, matchy 

Remember what you used to wear to kindergarten? If not, that’s probably a good thing! For me, it used to comprise of a lot of matching pieces. I think there was a lot of polka dots and bows too! But the idea when mixing prints is to look put together whilst maintaining an err of intrigue. And if it doesn’t feel quite right, don’t wear it!

Have one feature piece that takes up most of the outfit, and compliment with smaller prints

The shirt was the feature piece of this outfit, with accompanying scarf and bag. This can be the same for trousers, a jacket or a dress. Pick one item that you want to hero and work outwards from there. When you feel you’ve nailed that look, you can graduate to mixing the whole outfit. Shoes and all!

Print shirt, leather mini skirt, vest - Balmoral, SydneyPrint shirt, leather mini skirt - Balmoral, Sydney

Print shirt, leather mini skirt - Balmoral, Sydney

Just like anything, you won’t know if something works or not until you try. I think you generally know whether an outfit feels right! And if you’re bordering on a clown, ask someone who can give you some honest feedback. If they turn their head sideways before saying ‘yes’ they are probably holding back! Always question the sideways look.

Good luck!

K – Leather & Soie

What I wore:

Shirt – http://www.cmeocollective.com

Silk scarf – http://www.oroton.com

Leather skirt – http://www.seedheritage.com.au

Bag – http://www.oroton.com.au

Boots – http://www.jomercer.com.au

Earrings – http://www.sportsgirl.com.au

Sunglasses – http://www.tomford.com

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