I’ve always owned a denim jacket.

Chanel handbag, Lee denim jacket, leather pencil skirt, blue nails

If you’re anything like me, you get caught up in all the amazing fashion that gets thrown your way via social media, magazines, and emails. It’s proving more and more difficult to stop myself from stalking trends through rose coloured glasses. And what’s even more difficult, is stopping myself from feeling bad that I can’t actually afford all of these amazing styles.

Social media has really taken it’s toll on the confidence and satisfaction one gets from their own life by comparing what they have with influencers’ on Instagram. We see strangers (and friends) on social media flaunting their unrealistic lives; vacations in exotic places, wearing luxury brands head to toe, attending all the latest events, drinking matcha lattes during the day, whilst holding the cutest of puppies (seriously, where do they find these breeders?).  How do these people do it?

In actual fact, they only show snippets of their lives, most of which are staged. It takes an incredible amount of effort to take photos of someone doing something as effortless as having a cup of coffee at a hip cafe wearing all the latest get-up. The photography know-how alone is difficult enough to put most people off developing their brand. I am not necessarily condoning the fact that it’s ok to give off an illusion of an unattainable life, but I do understand and appreciate the effort that goes into it.

Chanel handbag, Lee denim jacket, Witchery metallic knit, leather pencil skirt,  blue nails

I’ve always believed that anything worth having, whether it be a job, lifestyle or relationship, takes an incredible amount of effort. People are not successful by chance. When I was an athlete, I gave up a lot of the fun activities that people around me couldn’t understand. When they were out partying; I was sleeping as I had to be at training early the next morning. Whilst they were eating chocolate (which I love); I was eating a strict diet for performance. Whilst everyone else was relaxing with friends after school; I was studying in between training sessions. But when people saw the end result, they’d say things like, ‘she’s lucky that she’s so talented, I could never do that.’ If you’re not willing to do what everyone doesn’t want to do, you won’t ever achieve what everyone wants to achieve! And to be honest, it’s the hard stuff that you have to love, because the success part comes and goes in an instant. I learned to love training, eating a strict diet and being disciplined with my studies. It shaped who I am today, and I wouldn’t be or have half the things I do right now without that groundwork.

And that is the same for social media influencers. They have all put in considerable amount of effort to get where they are. Of course, there will always be a handful of influencers that “fell” into this line of work, but that’s not say they didn’t work hard in another area of their life to enable them to get to that position. They may have already been wealthy for a myriad of reasons. I guess, what I am trying to say is that everything worth having (in your mind) takes work. There will be downsides to every job, and you’ll need to decide what you’re willing to put up with in order to achieve your goals. I’m sure a lot of these influencers find it difficult to socialise outside of their work network, as most people wouldn’t understand that taking the right photo (mid meal) could require extra props and cause some embarrassment amongst other patrons in the restaurant!

Lee denim jacket, leather pencil skirt with slit, Chanel handbag

And my reason for this post is to highlight the fact that even if you don’t have a million dollar salary or run a successful social media page where you get clothes for free, you can still dress in amazing clothes. What I have come to realise is that I like to invest my money into really good quality pieces of clothing that will stand the test of time. So when I open up my wardrobe, I have plenty of options because all the individual pieces I own can be styled many different ways. I know it’s easy to get sucked into social media marketing and buy the latest it dress because it looks amazing in the pictures. But when you actually receive the dress, you realise that your life doesn’t involve constant trips to the beach (unfortunately) and in reality you actually don’t have anywhere to wear it! It’s probably not all that appropriate to wear see-through dresses in the workplace…well not in the industry I work in anyway!

And throughout this blog I like to highlight some of the key pieces that I have invested in over the years that make regular appearances. The denim jacket is definitely one of those pieces. As an 80’s baby I grew up wearing this staple piece. It’s one of those ‘no brainer’ jackets that you can really throw on over anything; dresses, t-shirts, shirts, activewear and dressier items. Perhaps what I appreciate the most about the denim jacket is that it’s so easy to travel with, because it doesn’t need to be ironed! Both denim and leather share this special feature!

In this post I have opted for the a more fitted cropped denim jacket as I don’t really suit boxy looking jackets. But there are plenty of options out there that optimise effortless masculine styling (check out –  V&W denim jacket). So I would suggest picking a jacket that suits your original style profile first and if you find you wear it a tonne, get another one in a slightly different cut or denim wash.

Chanel handbag, denim jacket, blue nails, leather pencil skirt, Chanel handbag, Jo Mercer patent leather ankle boots

When you choose good quality pieces like this, you can achieve that effortless look a lot of influencers’ wear on instagram. A denim jacket with a printed tee, ripped jeans and ankle boots will do just that. So think twice before buying that new it girl item and take note of some of the staple wardrobe pieces you’re currently missing, and perhaps buy them first. When you have money left over – then consider buying that on trend piece you’ve been screen-shotting!

Jo Mercer ankle boots, leather pencil skirt with slit

P.s Speaking of ankle boots…these shoes are divine! I got these from Jo Mercer recently as I know how versatile these styles are year on year. Great investment.

Thanks for stopping by. Happy smart investment shopping! 🙂

Jacket – Lee denim (similar style in black)

Top – Witchery (no longer available)

Leather Skirt – from TY-LR which is no longer available, but lot’s of other options from Revolve or try this skirt by Alice + Olivia

Handbag – Chanel

K- Leather & Soie