Fail-safe staples that every wardrobe needs.

Winery Scanlan Theodore green leather bomber jacket, Witchery top, Leather pearl A-line skirt, Jo Mercer patent leather boots

I had the pleasure of tasting some spectacular wines at a winery in McLaren Vale (South Australia), called Oliver’s Taranga Vineyards. And what better backdrop to do a quick photoshoot, in stockings and heels (whilst tipsy), amongst the vineyards. The prickly, undulated surface! I honestly don’t know what is a better sobriety test, then walking up and down the vines, dodging those tiny little prickly buds (Australian’s – you know what I’m talking about), thorns and grass stems. But we got there in the end. I also had a blast doing it!

I wanted to touch on a few fail-safe wardrobe pieces that you can always feel comfortable buying. Be it for the sake of justifying your sale purchases, or your ridiculously expensive purchases, these pieces will take you through years and years of trends, surprisingly without the stigma of being a bore.

Winery Scanlan Theodore green leather bomber jacket, Witchery top, Leather pearl A-line skirt, Tom Ford sunglasses

The bomber jacket

The bomber jacket is not only very distinctive but is one of the most popular outerwear styles of our time. The jacket possesses a vast history which can be tracked back to its military origin. But now you’ll see most high fashion labels courting their own rendition of the bomber jacket. I honestly believe that the bomber jacket is not just a trend; but a genuinely timeless wardrobe essential. The best part is that you don’t need to spend a fortune to achieve this look, as most fast fashion stores such as Zara and H&M stock their variation every season.

As you may have noticed, I wear this green leather bomber jacket (Scanlan Theodore) a hell of a lot. Mainly because  I love the beautiful tailoring, and the simple fact that I can wear it with just about anything in my wardrobe. Opt for colours that are easy to mix, and suit your colouring.



The A-line skirt

Now, I have spoken about the A-line skirt a number of times on my blog, but it really does deserve the attention it gets, due to its timeless nature. Every season you’ll see designers all over the world bringing out their take on the A-line skirt. It is universally flattering, easy to style and fun and flirty, all at the same time. This faux leather skirt is from c/meo the label – an Australian brand under the same people that brought you Fashion Bunker (BNKR). I actually got this skirt quite a few years ago now, which is a testament to the staying power of the A-line skirt. Wardrobe staple – case in point.

I loved the extra pearl detailing, as it adds an extra element of intrigue to the outfit. And quite frankly, how could pearls not add an extra bit of something, something! Which brings me to my next point. Pearls! There is something that about pearls on a piece of clothing that lures me in every time. And it’s mainly due to the fact that I feel a sense of comfort knowing that an outfit can be both, elevated and timeless, with an addition of few randomly placed pearls!

olivers vineyards 3olivers vineyards 4

The long sleeve top

In my opinion, you can never have enough long sleeve tops. Maybe not so much if you live in the tropics, but this can be easily substituted for tank tops and t-shirts. These little gems will form the foundation of your wardrobe. They not only look great tucked into skirts and trousers, but can be worn on their own with jeans, for an effortless casual look.

I would suggest sticking to the basic hues such as; black, white, cream, navy, and khaki. This way you have numerous options, by mixing and matching jackets, pants, and skirts, accordingly. I believe that the best use of mid-year or end-of-year sales, is to stock up on these types of essentials. You will never regret buying the following; long sleeve tops, camisoles, t-shirts, cashmere & wool sweaters and tank tops. Opt for classic shapes that suit you, and voila, you’ll have a solid foundation to build upon.

olivers vineyards

Ankle boots

So, I have an interesting relationship with shoes. Some would say bordering on unhealthy! It probably mimics that of an unhealthy relationship. You know, the ones where you go back time and time again, even when they don’t love you (because blisters). But I don’t care what they say, I love shoes! This psychotic obsession actually began at a rather early age. In fact, I’m not sure I was even walking by that stage. Which is crazy, because I was walking at 9 months of age.  Nevertheless, at the moment in time, I declared that all I wanted for my birthday’s and Christmas’ for the foreseeable future, were shoes. And more precisely, black patent leather shoes. Toys had nothing on shoes! Fast forward a few years, and that’s still all I want. But I guess I have become a bit wiser when making choices. I always go for quality, and classic shapes.

So when I saw these ankle boots, I had to have them! They are the classic ankle boot shape, with a slightly pointed toe and medium size chunky heel. All leather. Winter after winter, you’ll see similar styles being released. My suggestion would be, to find the shape you like, and that suits you, and buy on sale. You won’t regret it.

olivers vineyards 1

Opaque stockings 

A boring necessity that is worth talking about. Just like lingerie, I would suggest forking out the extra coin and getting something that will last the distance. And if you’re anything like me, half girly girl – half tomboy, then you will need some stockings with some grunt. I have tried many brands, but I always go back to the old faithful – Marks & Spencer. I once had a pair that lasted 6 years. True story.

Once you have invested in the basics that make up your wardrobe foundation, you can dabble in seasonally trends. But trust me when I say that you will always fall back on those wardrobe pieces, that not only perserve through the seasons, but just feel oh-so-right!

Thanks for dropping by!

K – Leather & Soie


What I wore:

Green leather bomber – Scanlan Theodore

White top – Witchery

Faux leather skirt with pearls – C/meo the Label BNKR

Boots – Jo Mercer

Opaque stockings – Marks & Spencer

Winery – Olivers Taranga in Adelaide, Australia