Monochromatic feels.

Kookai white singlet, Jac & Jack white wide leg pants, Sancia bag.

Kookai white singlet, Jac & Jack white wide leg pants, Sancia bag.

How do you feel about wearing white? Is it something that riddles you with fear? One wrong move and you could have coffee down the front of you, right? Or perhaps it’s the fear of been unflattering?

I hear ya. I absolutely love white. And I love all white outfits, but often put them off due to the fear of clumsy-ingly spilling something down myself and having to explain it for the rest of the day. Or not feeling not so hot-to-trott. But it’s actually not as bad as you may think. In fact, I’ve really embraced it.

How, you ask. Read on.

I get asked a few questions re white outfits, so I’d thought I’d address some of these questions, myths and concerns in this post.

Kookai white singlet, Jac & Jack white wide leg pants, Sancia bag.

‘White isn’t flattering.’

It actually comes down to the style and cut of pant/skirt you choose, as well as the quality of material. It’s not due to the colour. First and foremost, you need to take the time to understand what suits you. High waisted vs mid-rise vs low waisted, cropped vs ankle length, flared vs wide leg, etc. Below are some (brief) tips on understanding this a bit further:

  1. You have a long torso, and short legs (me). You’re probably better suited to high waisted and cropped length pants, as well as high waisted wide-length pants. This will give the illusion of length (to the legs) and accentuate the hips even more so. Back in the 90s, low waisted would have been good to show of your abs, but not so flattering for the legs.
  2. You have a short torso, and long legs. You’re probably better suited to mid-rise pants, as it allows for a bit more length in the torso, whilst giving the illusion of a smaller waist.

This of course, is not full proof. I know, I have worn many different styles and found them to be flattering as well. Find your sweet spot, but don’t discount too many styles as you may risk finding something surprisingly flattering.

Recently, I’ve made an effort to challenge myself to try different styles and brands to understand more in depth, what suits me. And the only way to do this, is to actually get out there and physically try them on. I know, online shopping is so convenient these days. However, it is really beneficial to go back to the old school method of pounding the pavement. And you get some incidental exercise whilst you’re at it. But in doing this, I have discovered brands that make some wonderful basic pieces that I would not have considered previously (such as these Jac & Jack pants). I’m loving wide leg pants again, as well as flares and cropped pants.

‘White doesn’t suit me.’

Actually white is one of those colours that suits most skin tones. It’s a matter of finding the white shade of white for you. When it comes to bottoms, you don’t need to be too picky. But when choosing white tops, which are going to sit close to your face, the colour matters. The right tone, whether it’s a bright white or an off-white, should let your eyes sparkle! So when you’re out shopping, test the shades of white out by putting them against your face.

Kookai white singlet, Jac & Jack white wide leg pants, Sancia bag.

Kookai white singlet, Jac & Jack white wide leg pants, Sancia bag.

‘I feel stupid wearing all white.’

I know, its big step going from wearing no white to all white! But I hope to provide you with a few good reasons to give it a go. Now, monochromatic is a term that’s used to  describe something in all of one colour; ‘mono’ meaning single, and ‘chromatic’ meaning colour. Obviously, in this post, I am pertaining to an all white outfit.

The key to wearing this trend successfully:

  • Choose flattering styles for your body shape (as discussed earlier in this post)
  • Coordinate the styles in a way that balances your shape out. E.g. if you wear a boxy boyfriend tee; pair it with a a tighter pant.
  • Mix textures to give the look some depth. E.g. leather and silk (obvs!), denim and cotton, leather and cashmere, cotton and sequins. Or add in a hat or scarf to assist with the textual ratio. Be creative!
  • Use different patterns within the same white hue to create an element of intrigue.
  • Mix slightly different shades of white/cream. This looks great when mixing silk and cashmere together, for example.

And if you’re not 5’11 (like I’m not), you can really utilise the monochromatic trend to your advantage, as it creates the illusion of height.

And as I’ve always said, you don’t need to go by strict style rules, they’re merely just a guideline. Only you will know what suits you and your look.


Kookai white singlet, Jac & Jack white wide leg pants, Sancia bag.

Kookai white singlet, Jac & Jack white wide leg pants, Sancia bag.
Kookai white singlet, Jac & Jack white wide leg pants, Sancia bag.

‘What do I wear underneath.’

No matter what, aim to find lingerie in a nude colour that closely resembles your skin colour.  I have found that Calvin Klein make the best barely there underwear, which sit perfectly over my skin. My tip, buy a size bigger so that there is no evidence of them cutting in anywhere.

I haven’t tried it myself, but I have heard that wearing Spanx or the likes underneath, provide a security blanket for those who feel self-consious about showing any signs of underwear. I am also keen to try a thin thermal underneath white wide leg pants in winter. It’ll feel like a warm cup of cocoa!

As for the top half, I like to experiment with nude bras and coloured bras. Sometimes, I get really sick of wearing a nude bra. Am I the only one?! If you do opt for this style, make sure it’s a clear style choice, so as to not give off the illusion that you’re unable to match a bra under a white top! I quite the like the look of a really nice white, lace bra underneath a casual white tee.

Tip: but if you’re going for a clean look, white lingerie is not the answer! Everyone can see it. And don’t get me started on clear bra straps. *facepalm

‘I can’t keep white clothing clean’

I actually find that when I wear white, I automatically become more aware of my actions, namely eating. Making sure to not fling tomato pasta sauce everywhere…because of course, that will be the day I decide I feel like pasta! And I take extra care when doing daily tasks like stepping out of the car, ensuring I don’t get any dirt or grease on my pants.

And if the inevitable  occurs, there are many eraser pens nowadays that you can purchase that fit in your bag for emergencies. I’ve yet to try them myself, but have heard good things.

And to be honest, little stains throughout the day on white, are no more noticeable than they are on other colours. You only live once!

What’s your thoughts? Do you like wearing all white?


What I wore:

White singlet – Kookai

Pants – Jac & Jack

Shoes – Tony Bianco

Bag – Sancia

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