How to pick out worthy on-trend pieces?

A.L.C top, Asilio leather skirt, Tony Bianco boots, Loewe bag.A.L.C top, Asilio leather skirt, Tony Bianco boots, Loewe bag.

So, last week I opened up the conversation re What do women want? In that post, I compiled a short list of the things that women want from fashion, and one of those was ‘on-trend pieces.’ Now, this can be subjective to a certain extent, depending on what country you live in, your generation, as well as your socioeconomic status. But, every woman craves owning at least one on-trend piece.

In this post, I will cover how trends come about, as well as ways in which you can maximise your budget to ensure you don’t constantly purchase one-hit wonders.

A.L.C top, Asilio leather skirt, Tony Bianco boots, Loewe bag.

A.L.C top, Asilio leather skirt, Tony Bianco boots, Loewe bag.

Firstly, where do trends come from? And who decides what they are? Unlike other industries where consumers drive the trends, in fashion it is driven by the major design houses. Because they all have similar influences and exist in similar markets, they tend to all come up with similar ideas. Trends can be conscious or subconscious, depending on a number of factors both internally and externally to the industry. E.g. certain political movements may produce a campaign which is taken up by the entire industry such a ‘feminism.’ And in the last decade, fast fashion brands like Zara pick up (rip-off) the trends right from the runway, replicate them cheaply, and often sell them quicker than what the original designers can.

Then, the next layer is stylists, celebrities, bloggers and influencers. They tend to take the pieces of clothing or theme and bring it to life. They are the ones who translate to their audience what the garments stand for, and how they can be styled or worn.

A.L.C top, Asilio leather skirt, Tony Bianco boots, Loewe bag.

The next part involves the consumer. Your eyes feast on all the possibilities and fantasies that are displayed as you scroll through Instagram, facebook, and various websites, as well as what is displayed in shop fronts. You as a consumer, will be heavily influenced by everything from politics, religion, news, cultures, and social interactions.

Now, comes the fun part…how do you determine which trend is right for you? If you have read my previous post, How to define your personal style., you will understand the importance of establishing your own personal style. Once you discover this, you will be less likely swayed by unnecessary trends or styles that don’t suit you. It’s like food; when you have lots of choice you tend to eat more, versus when you have limited choice.

If it helps, make a list of items in your capsule wardrobe, and only shop those items that you need. Once you have fulfilled that list, then you can splurge on the occasional on-trend piece such as tops with puffy sleeves, those ugly shoes you hate but kinda love, or that must have dress that is completely impractical, but you just have to have!

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Tony Bianco boots, Loewe bag.

Once you have your capsule wardrobe sorted, and your eyeing off a few of those hot new trends, ask yourself this, ‘will I get at least 10 wears out of it this season?’ If not, then you need to seriously consider whether your potential purchase is worthwhile, as the likelihood of that item still being relevant next season is very low.

But, if you are considering an item that is slightly different but not too ‘out there,’ such as these Tony Bianco boots I’m wearing, ask yourself this, ‘can I get away with wearing this item next Winter/Summer, and if so, how would I style it?’ These under the knee boots came after the recent ‘over the knee’ boot trend from the last few years, just because the fashion industry wanted to keep you on your toes…literally! I wrote down a few ways in which I could stretch out the use of these in years to come, even if they happen to not be on-trend next year. E.g. I can wear them under long skirts and dresses, as well as under cropped pants. Both of these two looks are classic, enabling me to justify my purchase.

A.L.C top, Asilio leather skirt, Tony Bianco boots, Loewe bag.

So, in conclusion. Understand your personal style first, then define (and perhaps fulfil) your capsule wardrobe, and then research the trend you’re eyeing off. Ask yourself a series of questions before ‘adding to cart.’ Look at pictures over the past few years in regards to similar products (use my boot example), and then analyse how you can incorporate that style/item into future looks taking out the ‘trend’ component.

A few final words…stay true to yourself, but also remember to have fun. Sometimes, your gut just tells you to buy it, and it ends up being one of your favourite pieces for years to come. Remember, fashion should be fun!

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What I wore:

Top – A.L.C via Intermix (similar styles here)

Leather skirt – Asilio (no longer available, but similar vibe here)

Boots – Tony Bianco

Bag – Loewe