Sustainable Double Denim.

Because it’s all about vintage denim washes…

Right? There is something about a vintage denim wash that gives any look the ultimate intrigue factor. I got this gorgeous set from Boyish; a brand that prides themselves on sustainable and ethical practices. Finally, a brand that not only produces amazing looking denim pieces, but does so without harming the environment, at a very reasonable price point.

Read more about Boyish and how I chose to style this outfit below.

So, here a few of the key features from the material aspect, Boyish does really well:

  • Their yarn and fabric is produced within 30 miles of their factory, which reduces their carbon emissions and ultimately makes for a more efficient process.
  • they utilise new technologies which allows them to recycle the water they use through the dying process, and don’t use harsh chemicals, so reduces contaminants recycling back into the water.
  • They use less indigo
  • They use recycled cotton and vintage denim
  • the utilise tencil (and refibra), which is a very environmentally friendly material
  • the tags and hardware are made from recycled materials

On top of that, they have a very integrated washing process, which results in less damage to the environment, as well as partnering with a non-for-profit organisation called 1% For the Planet, whereby at least 1% of their profit goes towards collectively making an impact on the environment.

I was blown away! I had to buy this set, as it not only looks amazing, but fulfils all of my values when it comes to a fashion brand.

So, how did I decide to style it? I loved the light pink/beige wash, and felt it went perfectly with red. I threw on these (old) red shoes from Jo Mercer, some red lipstick, and a pair of red earrings to match. Red and leopard print go hand in hand for me, so it made sense to add a leopard print belt from J.Crew to tie it all together.

Thats it! A beautiful, sustainably focused brand, with spectacular denim pieces, which make for an awesome outfit, for any occasion.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Have you got any other similar brands you’d like to share?

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Katrina – Leather & Soie xx

Who am I wearing?

Denim skirt & jacket – by Boyish. The skirt is sold out on their website, but is here on sale! And for those who like to go edgy and can afford it, this one is out of this world!

Shoes – Jo Mercer (sold out), but this pair is an alternative. Or try this beautiful brand – Aquazzura

Leopard print belt – J.Crew (on sale too!)