All the classics.

The options are unlimited when you have beautiful, classic pieces…

I harp on about the importance of investing good quality, classic pieces that you can wear time and time again. But, it has become more apparent for me now that I have less time to organise and plan outfits. If you want to wear stylish outfits, but lack the time or energy to play around with styles, I recommend you keep reading.

I keep a list of classic items that I wish to purchase over the next few years in the notes app on my phone, which range from pricey items, right down to reasonably priced items. Whenever I feel the urge to buy something, I refer to this list and see if it’s either on that list, or if there is a valid reason why I should deviate from that list. I have added items based on a few impulse purchases here and there, because I discovered a new found love for that item. A recent example of this, is pleated midi skirts; I wear them all the time for work as they are super comfortable, stylish, and versatile throughout all seasons. I see value in purchasing more pleated midi skirts because I not only evaluated my usage of the item/s, but the longevity of the item in relation to trends within fashion.

Do you have a system that works for you that you want to share?

In this post, I wore a classic white tee with a denim mini skirt as the foundation, and added tan under the knee boots and good old blazer. It would also look great with a long cardigan or sweater thrown on top, or as a simple summer outfit with sandals and a silk scarf.

The more classic pieces I purchase and cherish, the more adamant I am on this theory. How do you go about buying clothes or classic pieces?

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What I’m wearing:

Denim skirt – GRLFRND from Revolve

White tee – Levis

Blazer – Ralph Lauren (from eBay)

Boots – Tony Bianco

Bag – Chanel

Necklace – vintage Chanel via Old Soul Vintage