Top it off with the right accessories.

The easiest way to enhance your outfit is by adding curated accessories…

I think we underestimate the value of adding beautiful accessories to a somewhat classic outfit. Accessories are one way of expressing our personality, be it through a hat, sunglasses, a silk scarf, layered jewellery, or a killer bag. It’s also a wonderful way to enhance the items you already own, so as to live a more sustainably orientated (fashion) life.

Add accessories to rework your wardrobe, instead of buying new clothing.

I’m a big fan of collecting old and new accessory items that hold a special sentiment. I like to find creative ways to wear them with outfits I already own, as well as finding new ways to wear them entirely. It could be as simple as pairing a hat with a different pair of sunglasses (as I did in this post), or wearing a scarf on your head as opposed to around your neck. It not only changes your whole look, but helps you to feel reinvigorated – the same feeling you get when you buy something new!

Below are some examples of various ways you can re-work accessories you may already own:

  • Wrap a long necklace around your wrist instead of wearing it around your neck
  • Tie a scarf around your handbag strap
  • Use a scarf as a belt (threading it through the belt loops)
  • Wear multiple fine hoop earrings in one ear hole (sounds bizarre, but looks awesome)
  • Add a broach to just about anything; blazers, tanks, t-shirts, shirts, sweaters, or to tie together a scarf
  • Embrace headbands for the ultimate Blair Waldorf look!
  • Wear cool socks with sneakers or heels (if you’re daring enough)
  • Pair patterned stockings with boots and skirts/shorts/dresses to maximise your wardrobe in winter
  • Tie your bag around your waist (using it as a bum bag/fanny pack)
  • Utilise fake flowers in your hair, looped around a necklace/bracelet, or as a broach

The good thing about accessories is that you most likely will keep them for much longer than most clothing items, as they don’t wear out as fast. But, remember to only buy items you love, you see yourself wearing them for years to come, and it enhances your personality. Think of them as treasures you can pass down to the next generation!

I hope you were able to gain some creative inspiration on how to accessorise your outfits. Remember to share your creations with me on my social’s (links below).




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What I wore:

Leather beret – no longer available, but this one is amazing, and this one is a steal

Sunglasses – Le Specs

White shirt – no longer available, but some amazing ones here

Leather pants – J Brand

Boots – Tony Bianco — on sale too!