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We held my recent 30th birthday at a beautiful winery in the Adelaide Hills, called Howard Vineyard. It was a spectacular afternoon with family and friends amongst some beautiful scenery, with good wine and food (see the magnificent cheese platter a couple of pics below!).  If you head up to the winery, make sure you taste the 2013 Amos Cabernet Franc – a great drop!

birthday walk 11

cheese platter


So, by now it would be pretty obvious I love leather! I have always had an obsession with it, but the last few years I have really enjoyed experimenting with different ways of styling leather. For me, it’s about creating a really interesting, textured look that has an edgy element to it whilst remaining feminine. You can see with this outfit it was about creating a silhouette that let the boots compliment the skirt and jacket as opposed to being a stand out feature. This was achieved by pairing the boots with a gorgeous flowy skirt, and tailored leather jacket.

birthday walk 9birthday walk 8

These Scanlan Theodore boots were an amazing purchase; because I have already found so many ways to style them. They look great with short skirts, flowy dresses, and long sweaters. To be honest, they really are just a great alternative to wearing pants! Practical and chic!

But in all seriousness, they are really comfortable and super warm – perfect for Autumn and Winter. I really do believe every woman needs to invest in a good pair of boots that can be worn with everything.

Leather jackets….I believe you can never get enough wear out of a leather jacket! What I really like about this one is the edginess and the structure. It provides a beautiful tailored silhouette that goes brilliantly with skirts, jeans, and even over dresses. The key to providing an edgy yet feminine look is all in the tailoring. Look for pieces that cinch in at the waist and is fitted well all throughout. You can always take your items to a good tailor and have them do it for you. It will cost more, but in my opinion is very much worth it. Every few months I take items to get tailored to ensure they fit my right.

Note: if you do wish to get your leather items tailored, ensure they are a reputable leather tailor. Leather can be stitched or glued and requires careful attention. Not only that, leather items are not cheap and you would hate to find out your item was ruined due to inexperience or lack of care.


I got this beautiful Classic Double-flap Chanel handbag for my birthday and have worn it with so many different outfits. It really does live up to its name; classic. It is hands down one of the most beautiful handbags, and the best birthday present ever!

Below is my adorned Oscar de la Renta statement earrings. Another classic piece that will always be on trend. They are so elegant yet bold. What I really appreciate about these earrings is that they are clip-on, which means they don’t weigh down my ears as much as the weight is distributed. I definitely recommend buying clip-ons for big earrings like this to save your pierced ear lobe! No one likes a saggy ear lobe as you get older!

birthday earrings

Thanks for dropping by. I’d love to hear your feedback on leather, styling or any of the pieces featured in this post or on my site. 🙂

Outfit details:

Jacket – Willow (not around anymore), but try Kitx for beautiful tailored leather jackets on

Skirt – C/meo Collective (Aus Fashion Labels)

Boots – Scanlan Theodore

Earrings – Oscar de la Renta on

Handbag – Chanel

Location – Howard Vineyard in the Adelaide Hills, Australia

birthday look 2

Leather & Soie -K

Ruffles and big sleeves…just a trend?

the lane bike

Easter, the most sacred time of the year. A time with family and friends.

We decided to head up to the Adelaide Hills to see the beautiful Autumn leaves and check out a few wineries. And oh my, were they impressive!


Shaw and Smith


stripe top standing bike

I never thought ruffles would back in such a big way. And I am so excited! Ruffles are surprisingly flattering! They add volume around the wrists, and cinch where needed and therefore helps to create a beautiful balance.

This top is by Slide Show and was very reasonably priced. But what I really appreciate about this top is that it’s made out of cotton and not polyester. Cotton is a lot more breathable than Polyester, and will last a lot longer. Price doesn’t always denote quality. Be sure to always look at the composition to understand what you are paying for.

stripe topstripe top walk 2Stripe top sideon

I teamed this Slide Show top with a casual looking pair of jeans from Ted Baker, tan stilettos from Tony Bianco and red earrings from Miss Martini. And I don’t go anywhere without my Tom Ford sunglasses!

stripe top leg up

So, are ruffles and flared sleeves just a trend? Ruffles always seem to make an appearance on spring/summer dresses in some way or another. But ruffles seen on this top make a much bigger statement. Despite this, due to how flattering it is, ruffles may stick around much longer than just one season. I would be more than happy to wear them year after year.

I feel the same re flared sleeves. They do a great job at creating a really balanced look; slimming down shoulders and arms. And because of this, I believe they will be around for some time.

I have really enjoyed experimenting with different ruffles and flared sleeves as it’s an easy way to lift a somewhat plain outfit. The most important thing is to be confident in what you’re wearing. If you feel good about what your outfit, you’re more likely to get more use out of it.

me in shed 4Hahndorf leaves

Conclusion: Ruffles and flared sleeves are technically a trend…but trends that will stay around much longer than one season. Spend money on items that fit you well and are made of good quality materials. You can’t go wrong.






Leather & Soie – K